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Students Learn by practising
All Round Growth

Since 2004

About Our School

Established in Year 2004, we are growing Day b day.We  take care of each and every student.Our students are everready to adapt new techniques and methodology required for learning process.

We worked very hard to nurture a feeling of responsibility and learning among students. Children of caring and protective environment of play group come to Middle School.As they grow, their learning requirement changes.


  • To indulge a sense of a good Human Being, in our every student.
  • To inculcate a sense of unity, integrity and self dependence in students.
  • To foster the spirit of  religious harmony and  tolerance.
  • To foster a sense of national integration.


  • To bring out the talent and intelligence in each of our student and help them to become a responsible citizen.
  • To develop a child in all spheres of life


Our School proudly blends traditional values with contemporary infrastructure and pedagogies. Entering the campus of the school, one can feel the unique blend of values, culture and quality education, all integrated finely to produce a holistic individual ready to face the challenges of the world. Read More

Number We Have Achieved Yet…

We have moved a road with our almost five hundred students, who have taken admission in 2018-19 batch.Our Staff is imparting a hard rock foundation to the school, They are twenty in number. Now the matrens (who take care of our student) to students ratio is 1:50 and finally we have two armed guards for the safety of every student. 


Computer Labs

In the present era of high technology, the computers are very much important , so we have computer labs which provide the basic and advance training of computers

Science Labs

In class VIIIth , Physics ,Chemistry and Biology labs are there to provide necessary experiments to the students , apart from this , we take our junior students to these labs too, so that they understand.

Bus Facility

We pick and drop students to their homes by making use of vans.We have van drivers who are authenticated by us.Every parent has the driver number.

Medical Facility

In case of any medical emergency to the student or the teacher, first aid box is ready with proper resting room.At the time of some emergency, students are treated with proper care to recover fast.


Open and pure air is a mediunm to the good health and sharp mind. We do organize various sports and cultural activities there.This is meant for students Recreation

Co- curricular Activities

Dance and skit are organised here.Sometimes Yoga and Surya Namaskar is also done here to provide mental and physical strength to our students.

Our Team

Payal Gupta


A strict teacher who has been teaching since the age of 20. She won’t give you any slack,  you will have to do the best to learn under her guidance

Shaily Sharma


A perfect teacher of computer education, who has an experience of eleven years in teaching computer basics and advance, graphics, photo shop etc.

Nitin Sahu


He has a PHD in Science and Design. His beginner course is a must see for any aspiring professional who want to learn from the best.

Aruna Singh


If there’s someone who can explain anything with perfection, she is the one. She teaches you not just how to do something, but how to do this.

What Our Students Say...

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