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Personality Development classes are conducted for children of classes III to VIII. These classes are aimed at grooming young girls and boys for manners and etiquettes, with a stress on value-based development of their personality. The curriculum designed for these classes takes into account two major aspects, which are, inculcating right values and the conventional rules of social behavior i.e. manners and etiquettes. The areas of development are as follows:

The methodology consists of interactive sessions in a specially equipped laboratory for the purpose. Children are introduced to a variety of social and familiar situations and motivated to react. They are then guided towards the right directions and conclusions.Growing girls and boys are thus expected to develop the right kind of finesse, confidence, and humility to become complete and good human beings.


A source of continuous delight and new inventions for students, our library is an exhilarating treasure trove of information. In addition to a wide range of fiction and activity books, the library is well stocked with syllabus and reference books needed. Simple to locate and even simpler to use are the individual sections for journals and audio and video compact disks. Our e-library is the resource center equipped with computers for both students and teachers, while an adjoining deck invites both silent reflection and animated brainstorming. Parents are welcome to help out in book selection and recommend reading and research material.

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